1. Primorski Park, Sea Garden 

This massive park, and one of Varna’s main attraction areas, hosts a variety of amenities.  During the day you can visit the Aquarium, Dolphinarium, a Zoo, and Maritime Museum; while at night the Casino opens its door for a night of fun and gambling.  With all the attractions inside the park, you might miss the fact that the park itself is one of the most gorgeous green areas in the city. 

  1. Explore the “Petrified Stone Forest”

You would be forgiven to think you just landed on some alien landscape, these amazing fields of stone columns will leave you scratching your head for a bit.  These curious pillars look very alien-like even though they are anything but. They are actually made by earthly microorganisms through a process of methane oxidation.   These fascinating structures can range up to meters in length and offer a wonderful change of scenery from…well, anything you’ve ever seen before. 

  1. Black Sea diving and snorkeling

Varna offers some of the best Black Sea diving and snorkeling in the region, making this a premium destination for those that love the underwater life.  Aside of the many different types of fish and sea creatures this area has to offer, there are some World War II wrecks that are simply fascinating to experience.    

  1. Golden Sands

18 kilometers north of Varna you can find Bulgaria’s first ever resort town, and the country’s second largest beach resort area.  This is certainly one of the Black Sea coast’s main destinations and with a 4 kilometer long beach, you are sure to find your place under the sun.  Once the sun takes a dive, be sure to put on your party clothes for the explosive nightlife on offer.

  1. Explore the Aladzha Monastery

Just a short walk by trail from the Golden Sands resort area you can find the amazing Orthodox Aladzha Monastery.  Carved into the cheek of a 25 meter cliff, this mysterious and fascinating place contains some amazing frescoes and mosaics sure to dazzle its visitors.  Around the monastery there is a beautiful forest area perfect for a relaxed afternoon walk.  Make sure not to miss the catacombs which will be the cherry on top of a great day excursion. 

  1. Stoyan Bachvarov Theater

This gorgeous Viennese style building is one of Varna’s most beautiful structures.  Its predominantly red facade with white pillars makes a visit to this theater an experience even before venturing inside.  Home to some of Varna’s best cultural entertainment, make sure you catch one of its many drama plays of philharmonic concerts on offer. 

  1. Varna Cathedral – Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

This 1800s cathedral is arguably Varna’s most beautiful religious building.  It’s golden onion domes, elegant murals, and brilliant stained glass windows, complete the wonderful visual balance this cathedral hosts with such exquisite grace. 

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