Bucharest, Romania: Solo Trip Day Itinerary

1. Parliament Palace

Bucharest’s biggest attraction is actually way bigger than just big, it’s huge! This massive building is the second largest government building in the world, and it is a sight to behold. Before you head inside make sure to walk around the palace gardens which are truly beautiful. The only way to enjoy the inside of the palace is via the regular tours held which are held daily and they take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Once you’ve had your Parliamentary rounds head over Cismigiu Gardens, a short 10 minute walk.

2. Cismigiu Gardens

One of Bucharest’s many parks, Cismigiu Gardens is conveniently located in the middle of all the major attractions, making it a perfect spot to get your bit of green.

One problem you will not have in this park is finding a place to sit, there are benches everywhere…I cannot recall seeing so many benches in a public park anywhere else in the world. Enjoy a nice stroll around the park gardens or jump into a pedal boat and float for a bit before heading over for lunch to your next stop, the Old Center.

3. Old Historic Center

The main hub for travelers, visitors, tourists and fun seeking local alike. This is the place to be to sample some of the best cuisine the city has to offer. The choice of restaurants can be a bit overwhelming and deciding can be a challenge. Unless the restaurant specifically portrays itself as having a specific cuisine, virtually every restaurant in the Old Center serves Romanian traditional dishes. Make sure you don’t skip town without trying a dish of delicious Romanian Mici (spicy sausages):

From the ones I tried, and liked, I would suggest giving Gild Music Lounge, Big Ben Pub, Nobis, and Freddos a look. If you are not looking to accompany your meal with alcohol, Dristor serves some of the best kebabs in the area. If you are feeling a tad more adventurous, or would like to go for a more local taste without going to far off the center, you might want to try Piata Unirii.

Even though most visitors will limit their visit to the Old Center to a bite and a drink, there are quite a few ateliers and art galleries worth checking out, Vernissage being one worth a look.

4. Unirea Shopping Center

Bucharest’s version of a mall is conveniently located near the Old Historic center and Piata Unirii. It won’t be a revolutionary experience but it can certainly offer a quiet and air conditioned resting spot. This can be a life savior during the very very hot summer months.

5. Mega Image (Supermarket)

I don’t know of the above name says “food” to you, but this is one of Romania’s biggest supermarket chains. It’s located on the sub floor of the Unirea Shopping Center and it offers excellent take out food options. It has you covered from salads, to warm Romanian traditional dishes. If you don’t need the restaurant experience, and all you want is to sample a whole bunch of Romanian food at the most affordable price, you need to check this spot out.

6. Piata Unirii

This is one of my favorite Piata’s in the Bucharest. It has a very placid layout with plenty of open spaces and the most beautiful water fountain display in the country.

On the top side of the Piata you can find some wonderful traditional Romanian food stalls offering the most gorgeous sausages and polenta you can imagine! From this Piata, head back to the Old Center and make your way to Piata Universitatii.

7. Piata Universitatii

As the name would imply, this where crowds of university students hang out. It’s a super chill spot, great place to sit down for an hour and just watch people pass by. Super zen 🙂 Once you are ready to stretch your legs again, take direction Calea Victoriei.

8. Calea Victoriei

This is one of Bucharest’s most lively streets! Significantly less touristy than the Old Center, expect to see a lot more locals in this area. This long street dotted with great cafes, bars, and restaurants will also bring you nearby some of the city’s major attraction points, like the Romanian Athenaeum, University Library Carol I, the Saint Nicholas White Church, and the National Arts Museum.

9. Romanian Athenaeum

One of Romania’s most prestigious and majestic concert halls.

10. University Library Carol I

Beautiful building always housing an exhibition worth checking out.

11. National Arts Museum

Romania’s most important arts museum, wonderful collection of paintings and sculptures. A must for any art lover.

Be sure to inform yourself on the current exhibition calendar as they change quite regularly.

Bucharest, Romania: Solo Trip Night Life Itinerary

Best Dance Clubs and Party Venues

There are 2 main areas near the center of Bucharest where you can find the crowds:

  • Victoriei Street
  • Old Historic Center

There’s a ton of rocking clubs and bars in and around the Victoriei Street area. Green Hours usually has a nice vibe going.

In the Old Center, a ton of bars and restaurants put on their party hat at night, some of the most vibrant being Old Habits, St Patrick (which has pubs on both sides of the street), and Oktoberfest.

If you are looking for the big music club vibe, dancing, and loud party atmosphere, give Beluga and NOYZ a try; the latter is one of the biggest clubs in town.

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