After years of being in the dating circuit, you kind of don’t want to make the same mistakes all over again…and again…. “Lists are a good tool”, I thought to myself. So I made one. I must say though, this is a very personal list, and by no means would I presume my red flags are your red flags – so just keeping it real here 🙂

  • He is rude to the waitress / waiter

Very often, people that are rude to the service staff purely because they see themselves as being in a “higher” position, translates into them being very arrogant in other areas of life.

  • He is comfortable with saying “little lies”

The distance between outright lying when you are comfortable with little lies is not that big of a jump.

  • He needs me to constantly validate his looks

A bit of positive reinforcement, especially at the beginning of the relationship, is quite understandable. A constant demand for compliments, is not.

  • A substantial part of his life revolves around social media

If his life is intertwined in social media -to the point it is intrinsically a part of his real life- this is not something I want to be a part of.

  • He is not genuinely interested in my life

So, what’s the point? Why am I here?

  • Brings his ex up regularly during conversation

If you are not over her, you are not over here.

  • Checks his phone while we’re in the middle of a conversation

There are manners, and then manners we really do care about. This for me is a cardinal sin. You grab your phone in the middle of a talk, and I am gone by the time you look up.

  • Talks the whole evening about himself

If he can’t share the mic, then this is a solo act.

  • Doesn’t follow up on his promises – even the little ones

If you can’t make good on your promises, then don’t make them.

  • Incompatible sense of humor

If you can’t laugh together, that’s not good. If there’s only one laughing all the time, that is worse.

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