(In no particular order)

  1. Berlin, Germany

We’re starting off this list with a bang!  The magnitude of the Berlin night scene both above and underground is mind-melting.  Berlin has been the DJ Mecca capital of Europe nurturing some of the most diverse wild party goers for generations.  The streets that saw David Bowie and Iggy Pop parading through the night embrace visitors from all over the world to experience the party of a lifetime.  A city that has catapulted from its dark and difficult history to become one of the world’s most inclusive, open minded, tolerant, and wild destinations.        

  1. Koh Phangan, Thailand

If you have ever heard of “Full Moon Parties” and thought that was something your local bar came up with, it’s not.  They are real.  And they are insane!  These parties take place on the island of Kho Phangan in Thailand.  They are based on the lunar cycle, and are held every month.  Even though there are parties all over the island, one of the most popular locations for full moon parties in Kho Pagnan is Haad Rin Beach.  This huge venue packs thousands of party hungry visitors from all over the world to live it up under the full moon.     

  1. Ibiza, Spain

The word alone makes you think of party.  Regarded by many as the #1 Party Island in the world, Ibiza lives up to its reputation year after year after year.  Receiving around 3,000,000 visitors a year, this party island has grown to cater from the most demanding and crazy, to the lavish and obscene.  Ibiza prides itself in having every flavor of party on the menu.  A favorite destination for stag and hen parties, crazy DJ costume themed bashes, and just purely wildly eccentric individuals, you will be forgiven to think it is Halloween every night.  Music, lights, and beats flood the streets all night, injecting an electric vibe through the city.  Be prepared to stay up till the sun comes up as the Spanish are notorious for partying all the way to breakfast.   Oh and yes, the beaches are gorgeous.

Ibiza even comes with its own internal “take a break mini island” of Formentera lying to the south.  You can make a quick hop over to take a break from the massive party scene on the main island. 

  1. Mazatlan, Mexico

Located on the western coast of Mexico, this is one of the wildest beach party towns in the entire Pacific Rim!  Attracting huge groups of university students from all over the world, this ocean town had a fantastic young and fresh vibe.  At night Mazatlan opens its door to massive groups of college kids looking to have the night of their lives.  Hundreds of clubs, bars, discos, and nightclubs all packed every night from dusk till dawn.  Bring your dancing shoes and your singing voice because you will be dancing and chanting all night long.  The fun atmosphere in Mazatlan is the freest and most liberated from the big name Mexican beaches.  It caters also to a wider range of budgets, so you will see a lot more diverse groups of visitors than you would in Can Cun or Puerto Vallarta.  Don’t leave Mazatlan without trying their renowned specialty “Tacos de Marlin” and make sure to take a whale watching tour.    

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada USA

If the slogan goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” then you pretty get an idea of what happens in Las Vegas.  Arguably offering the widest choice of entertainment in the country, Las Vegas has something for everyone.  Gambling, big stage shows, media events, conferences, mega concerts, luring millions of visitors every year.  Every night in Las Vegas is a party night, with hundreds of places to meet singles looking for singles, crazy Bachelor and Bachelorette parties collisions, the many trying to get lucky, and the lucky trying to get luckier.  It’s a town full of excitement, opportunities, and big lights!     

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

If Kho Phagnan has full moon parties every month, Bangkok has them every night.  The lights are flashing, from all directions, the smells from the food stalls, never stop, and the music from the bars and nightclubs seem to go on forever.  It seems like every bar and club in the city is filled with party goers wanting to mingle, dance, drink, and have a great time.  As you wander through the streets of Bangkok you wonder if this city has ever slept!  Bangkok is sure to be one of your most memorable trips.  Have you ever heard of someone going to Bangkok and not coming back with a wild story?

  1. Barcelona, Spain

One of the most beloved Spanish destinations is ready to receive its millions of visitors in its beautiful ramblas, open air cafes, and amazing night clubs!  Barcelona is one of Spain’s most diverse cities, it welcomes residents from all over the world, giving it the most cosmopolitan ambiance and vibe in all of Spain.  You can see this vibe back in the streets where people are eager to meet, to discover, they are curious, and quite possibly want to know who you are.   

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the city of freedom.  This gorgeous city by day, houses one of the most intense nightlife in Europe.  Amsterdam has attracted a huge number of people from all over the world, be it by its universities and colleges, or its huge growing economy and flourishing start-up scene.  The crowds converge at night from Dam square to Leidesplein, to the red light district, and beyond.  Its hundreds and hundreds of bars and clubs are packed the whole round, Amsterdam in a full year party destination.  Doesn’t matter when you come, the party has already started and it’s waiting for you. 

  1. Paris, France

If you can manage not to spend all your energy during the day marching down the Champs-Élysées, up the Arc du Triomph, or diving into the Louvre the Paris nightlife might just take your breath away.  The city that gave the world the Moulin Rouge, the Crazy Horse and the Lido, will more than likely have something to make you go gasp!  You will have a wide variety of options when it comes to big ticket venues and shows, but be sure to check out the areas of Oberkampf, Bastille, Belleville (Edith Piaf comes from here), and Montmartre for some of the best nightlife Paris has to offer.  

  1. South Padre Island, Texas USA

So many legendary college student tales have South Padre Island as their setting.  This wild crazy party Texas beach town hosts thousands of university students and young travelers to its vibrant and epic nightlife!  The summer sees thousands of party seeking visitors looking to meet like minded fiesta makers. You will have a hard time choosing from the many bars and nightclubs this lovely town has to offer.  Hitting its peak during spring break you can count on this town’s vibrant atmosphere late into the summer thanks to its -almost- year round placid temperatures. 

  1. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you only visit one Mexican beach town, let it be Puerto Escondido on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.  This is arguably the most authentic Mexican beach towns of the lot.  Retaining its true Mexican vibe, it marks a stark contrast to the huge resort style beaches of Acapulco and Cancun.  Seeking this unique Mexican coastal experience, thousands of European, North and Latin American tourists descend on this lively town and share a tequila under the stars.  

  1. Zipolite, Mexico

A few kilometers down the road from Puerto Escondido, you would be ill advised to miss one of Mexico’s most taboo beaches, Playa Zipolite.  This famous Mexican beach town made its name not only because of its gorgeous beaches, friendly locals, and divine seafood dishes, but also because it is the first (and perhaps only) nude beach in Mexico.  In this hippie vibe Pacific coast town you can drop the robes and let your whole body bathe under the rays of the radiant ever shining sun.  Parties pop up at the drop of a hat, locals post party flyers on posts on the street, bars play live music deep into the night, and the beach is just a few steps away where you can swim with your naked body under a moonlit sky.

  1. Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes receives more sunlight than practically any other place in Europe. This solar guarantee also ensures a steady stream of fun and thrill seekers to this large party island all year round.  This island is home to some of the most hard core party goers in all of Europe, hitting its peak during the summer months of June, July, and August, but in contrast to many of the Greek islands, Rhodes seems to party all year round! 

Along with the many bars, and nightclubs, the island boasts a large number of casinos that also serve as great venues for meeting singles, fun seekers, and who knows, perhaps a fortune!

  1. Milan, Italy

Milan and its high fashion label is not lost on its very vibrant night scene.  Milan boasts some of the most elegant and exclusive nightlife venues in Europe.  If you have the dough to spend, get ready to rub shoulders with la creme de la creme of Italian society.  One thing you will notice very quickly in Milan is how e-v-e-r-y-on-e (men and women) is dressed as if they are going to or coming from their catwalk run.  Make sure to bring your finest silks and best threads for your night into this most elegant city.     

As the most important business center of Italy, Milan draws many international high profile figures, sports personalities and international big screen actors.  Don’t be surprised if you end up dancing next to  this summer’s blockbuster hit actors in one of Milan’s many high end clubs downtown.   

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

You could say Stockholm is keener on quality than it is on quantity.  Stockholm doesn’t boast even close to the number of bars and clubs you would find in Berlin or Paris, but most of the venues in Stockholm are top notch.  From uber modern and awe inspiring dance clubs and discos, to the most unique bars.  Don’t forget to have a vodka served on an ice glass at the sub zero Ice Bar downtown (don’t worry you will get gloved and a polar jacket).

  1. Vancouver, Canada

One of Canada’s most beloved and popular destinations has to be the beautiful city of Vancouver.  This is by far the biggest Canadian party town this side of Ontario, but some say it would rival even Los Angeles or San Francisco.  It’s not only the amount of bars and clubs, but the unique friendly vibe that only Canadians can offer.  It’s easy to whisk the night away chatting to locals, travelers, tourists, and people from all walks of life. Vancouver is also a major destination for Asian tourists, so expect to feel a wonderful cosmopolitan vibe throughout the whole city.  

  1. Galway, Ireland

One of the smallest towns on the list, but Galway certainly packs a punch when it comes to offering a brilliant night life.  Galway’s nightlife scene is the more the grab a pint of Guinness and find yourself a spot to chat with the very talkative locals.  I must admit that Galways is home to my favorite pub in the whole world, it’s called The Skeff.  It is in my humble opinion, the most beautiful pub I have ever had a pint in.  

Next to the almost endless stories you can exchange with the locals, the live music scene in Ireland is one of the best in the country…and that is something to say from the land that gave us U2, the Cranberries, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher, Snow Patrol, and Sinead O’Connor   

  1. Goa, India

Goa is the undisputed beach party capital of the great nation of India.  You will be spoiled for options and you won’t be the first to plan a week in Goa, and end up staying for months.  Unspoilt romantic beaches, lined up with beautiful beach front bars and restaurants.  Travelers descending down to Goa from all over the world will give you ample opportunities to meet and chat with other travelers.  Goa is also home to India’s most epic beach parties, so be prepared to have a wild time in Goa’s incredible array of amazing beaches.

Some of the favorite spots of the Goa party nomads include: 

  • Baga Beach
  • Calangute Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Vagator Beach
  1. Rome, Italy

The Roman capital is perhaps not as well known as its northern Milanese neighbor when it comes to nightlife, but don’t let this stop you from your hat in the Colosseum.  Strolling through Rome at night is a walk of pure romance and excitement.  Some of the best places in Rome to meet people will not be in huge clubs or famous cafes.  You will find plenty of bustling activities in Mom and Pop bars and restaurants around the city.  

Make sure to patrol the streets of: 

  • Trastevere 
  • Monti 
  • Piazza Navona 
  • Pigneto 
  • Parione 
  • Prati 
  • San Lorenzo 
  • Ostiense 
  • Campo di Fiori 
  • Testaccio        
  1. Tel Aviv, Israel

One of the party gems of the Mediterranean.  Find your way to Dizengoff Square in downtown Tel Aviv and peel your way through the many bars and restaurants leading you all the way down to the beach promenades.  Most of Europe’s best DJs will make a regulatory stop in this exciting and lively nightlife hotspot.  Tel Aviv attracts massive amounts of tourists every year, that come to visit the religious attractions by day, and party like there’s no tomorrow at night.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t even leave your hostel as many throw their own parties and rooftop music jams.  The city is host to a number of young workers from all over Europe and the Middle East giving this Israeli city a unique expat vibe. 

  1. Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Located in the state of Guerrero, Zihuatanejo shares the coast with its big brother Acapulco.  Rather than try to match Acapulco’s well established and extremely developed nightclub and entertainment scene, Zihuatanejo caters to the more low key minglers.  It has everything you could expect from any of the big party locations in Mexico, but it’s significantly less rambunctious.  With thousands of European, American, and Canadian tourists descending to this idyllic beach paradise, you can expect a wonderfully balanced vibe that suits the more substance seeking conversationalists.  

  1. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow has gone through some major restructuring the last couple of years.  After being seen as Edinburgh’s little brother, Glasgow has emerged and carved out a place of its own in the Scottish Highlands.  A vibrant nightlife that offers the myriad of pubs and bars you would expect of any major British city, but also a very lively theater, comedy, and live music scene.  You will most likely find your place, and connections with others in a town that love drink, chatter, and laugh till the wee hours in the morning.

  1. Vilnius, Lithuania

A place which many might inadvertently pass by, but that would be a mistake.  Vilnius has emerged as perhaps the most beautiful city in the Baltics.  Its spacious and vastly ample city center offers a mouthwatering list of options when it comes to nightlife.  Many Lithuanians who emigrated from the country a few decades ago, have come back and brought the party with them.  Emulating some of the Polish and German nightlife styles, Vilnius has produced its own very palatable vibe.  It’s present, but not intrusive, mysterious but very approachable.  In contrast to other Baltic cities you will be amazed at how cosmopolitan Vilnius has become.  This world village vibe you will find in most of its bars and clubs.  The large quantity of students in the city also adds a very youthful energy which rounds off a perfectly balanced nightlife.  Lithuanians love to talk, share, and are amongst the most hospitable people you will ever come across.  Give Vilnius a peek, you won’t regret it.     

  1. Bali, Indonesia

It seems Bali has been a compulsory destination for every Australian the last three decades.  Alongside the many Aussies, Dutch, British, New Zealanders tourists you will find this Indonesian island as well represented as any hearing in the United Nations.  It has become a global honeymoon, party, and post graduation destination.  Adding to the long list of theme travelers, there is now a vibrant start up and coworking community taking flight in this already lively island.  All these recent developments have made Bali a true year round awesome place to visit and to get to know new people, party, and work…if you are so inclined.  

  1. New York City, USA

New York City’s nightlife is as amazing as it is cliche.  Seinfeld and Sex in the City have done a marvelous job of giving you are surprisingly accurate description of how this city vibrates at night.  There is nothing you can’t find in this most impressive and Goliath mecca of entertainment.  Of course the bars and clubs are amazing, but New York City is so much more than that when it comes to meeting people. You can meet “bar / club people”  anywhere, but New York will give you the chance to meet new people in so many different places, like bookstores, Central Park, Time Square, walking around in Soho, or just outside the theater in Broadway.  You will not know where to start once you get to New York, but a humble suggestion would be to not stick with the traditional comfort spots nightclubs offer, go out and explore, find “your” New York City.  Make sure you make your way to:

  • East Village
  • Meatpacking district
  • West Village
  • Greenpoint
  • Williamsburg
  • Lower East Side
  • Upper West Side  
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  1. Byron Bay, Australia

One of Australia most famous beach towns goes by the name of Byron Bay.  In contrast to the huge hotels and resorts of its larger cousin the Gold Coast, Byron Bay offers a very laid back hippie atmosphere and very present surfer vibe.  During the day you can take advantage of the perennial sun or the great waves this area has to offer.  You could very easily find the most interesting people you’ll meet here during the day as the beach is bustling with activity all the time.  Rows and rows of bars and clubs will welcome you through the night, from great live bands to a great techno and trance scene, you will not struggle to find a party day or night. 

  1. Scheveningen, The Netherlands

You would have a hard time to find a best party town tha Scheveningen in the entire North Sea coastline.  Starting up in the spring months of April and May, Scheveningen initiates its crescendo by building up an entire beachfronts to their main promenade restaurants.  The result is some of the coziest and party filled venues in the country.  Bonfires and cocktails run through the night as the music hits you from all sides in this wildly fun Dutch beach town.  Highly recommended to find a bar with beach beds, the sky at night after 7 mojitos looks gorgeous as you lay down and allow yourself to be mesmerized.  A huge community of expats injects a glorious cosmopolitan vibe that lends itself to say “Hi!” or be said “Hi!” to.  Dutch are quite possibly the most open minded people in the world, it would be hard for you to find a topic they wouldn’t be more than dive into after a beer or three.  Make sure you don’t leave Scheveningen without watching a set at the Crazy Pianos.  It could be the best piano bar you visit in your entire life.  Prost!  

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Ever since Hollywood superstars started making tequila and opening bars in Cabo San Lucas, this Mexican beach town’s popularity has skyrocketed.  A once mexican sleepy fishing village is now a world famous resort destination.  All the big hotel chains have staked their claim, and the bars and clubs have followed.  Cabo has a very touristy side which might fit most foreign visitor’s comfort zone, but if you are up for a taste of the real Mexico, you can certainly head downtown and get a proper whiff of it.  Even though the summer season is its main season, Cabo has increasingly become popular during the winter months as well.  If you are up for it, or just wanting to escape the holiday season at home,  Cabo can offer you a great Christmas destination as well. 

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is pure passion.  You see it in their football, their Tango, their beef, and their wine.  As fiery and passionate as Argentinians can be, they are also extremely friendly with a brilliant sense of humor.  The joke around Argentinians (amongst other Latin cultures) is that they are arrogant and pompous. Argentinians will take this as the biggest compliment you can bestow upon them.  You have to have a wonderful and collective sense of humor as a nation to embrace this accusation with such high spirits.  The perfect starting point for an epic night out in Buenos Aires is Palermo, with Retiro and San Telmo close behind.

  1. Dahab, Sinai Egypt

Dahab might not be the first place that pops up when you think of meeting new and exciting people, but it totally is.  It has a completely different energy level than any of the places on this list.  Here the vibe is very chill and relaxed.  This is not the place for the wildest time of your life.  Even though there is a night life, the most interesting people you will meet throughout the day.  Dahab has these gorgeous seaside cafes and restaurants which seem to entice you to stay for way longer than a meal or a drink.  Many of these places are simple, with a cushion mat on the floor, where you can sit, read, drink tea, or chat for hours with your neighbors.  They actually resemble digital nomad’s coworking spaces, but without the work.  It happens quite often that the first person you say hello to in the morning, will be the same one you will be talking to for dinner.  Like I said, Dahab is very relaxed…time flies here. 

  1. Albufeira, Portugal

Once Faro’s little brother, Albufeira has experienced incredible growth in the last decades and has grown to become one of Europe’s top summer beach destinations.  In contrast to the neighboring Spanish beach towns, the Portuguese beaches are a bit more raw and rustic.  They are less flashy but this is not to say they are lacking character, they ooze it, they are just a bit more chilled out about it.  Albufeira is a proper town with its own life, so you can expect the proper nightlife to come with it year round, but it’s during the summer months of June, July, and August that Albufeira is bursting with this frantic imported energy.  People fly into town looking to have fun, party, and meet a ton of great people.    

  1. Acapulco, Mexico

The undisputed King of the Mexican beach resort towns.  Acapulco, the first world renowned beach resort city in Mexico, still boasts some of the most opulent and huge establishments a mind can wrap their heads around.  It’s not by chance that the Kennedy’s spent their honeymoon here, and the place where Elizabeth Taylor said “Yes, I do”  The nightlife in Acapulco is second to none, names like Baby O’s, Palladium, and Mojito, rank amongst the most acclaimed night clubs in the world.  If you like huge parties, thundering music, rowdy crowds, and all-night-non-stop-crazy Acapulco is your place to be.

  1. Bombay, India

The only city in the world that can top Hollywood when it comes to film production, is India’s Bombay.  Bombay produces more world film stars than practically any other city in the world.  Be prepared to experience star truck moments if you venture out into the nightlife of this amazing city.  Although Bombay has many great bars, clubs, and nightlife venues, they are quite spread apart so you will have to rickshaw or taxi your way through the city if you want to bar hop.  For starters, you might want to check out the Bandra and Juhu Area.  There will be plenty of entertainment there to get you started off in the right direction. 

  1. Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao has gone through some massive infrastructure upgrades in the last decade, the most notable being its completion of their long awaited metro line.  This means you can now go from the center of Bilbao, straight to some of the city’s most beautiful beaches in just a few minutes.  This, along with all the good stuff Bilbao already had, has allowed Bilbao to attract its fair share of tourists from the massive traffic Spain gets every year.  

You certainly should try Bilbao’s extensive and colorful nightlife, but there’s a more “local” way to meet people.  Everyday, starting at around 5 pm, all the locals leave their work behind and head downtown for some “pintxos”.  Pintxos are the Basque version of “tapas”, and they are arguably the best in the country.  Wherever you go you will find thousands of people enjoying some pintxos with wine, and there couldn’t be a better moment than this to mingle.  Like most Spaniards, Bilbainos love to talk, so this is a great opportunity to make some new friends and enjoy a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience. 

  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland

As a tourist destination, Belfast cannot boast the beaches, cuisine, or international visitor numbers their Spanish or French neighbors can, but they offer one thing that makes this city truly special: they are just so damn friendly!  And if what you want is to meet people, this is where it’s at.  I know this is said of so many places, but I would really like to place an exclamation mark on this one.  Even though I visited the city by myself, I can’t recall a space longer than an hour where I was alone.  At every single bar or pub I had brilliant conversations with complete strangers all night long.  Not only did I meet a ton of people, but I honestly can say I made friends for life during my short but meaningful visit to this most hospitable city.  As far as the night scene is concerned, it’s compact, but it packs a punch.  You can count on insanely great live music performances every night, attracting some great crowds, many of them happy to strike up a conversation with you after the band wraps their gig up.  

  1. Nice, France

When you think of French Mediterranean beaches, this is what you think of.  The typical French promenades, boulangeries, fromageries, and all the hundreds of little things that make France french. Add to that the usual gorgeous summer weather, and you get a yearly avalanche of tourists and visitors wanting to get a taste of this life.  LIke any self respecting French city, Nice has mind blowing techno and trance venues, a world class DJ scene, and some of the coziest and cutest bars in the country.  You will not have any trouble locating the crowds.  The crowd composition is substantially more international during the summer period making it easier for you to connect with other visitors.  During the off season, there are plenty of “foreigner bars” or “expat pubs” around the city if your French isn’t up to speed, so don’t worry you will not be alone. 

  1. Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is Mexico’s second most important, and also claims the title of capital of the north.  This city is home to some of Mexico’s richest and most affluent so don’t be surprised if you end up in some of the most beautiful and elegant night clubs you have seen in your life.  In addition to the glitz and glamour Monterrey has to offer, la Capital del Norte is home to 3 major universities including the world renowned Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey also known as “El Tec”.  Home to over a quarter of a million students, this city offers a wide range of crazy party venues in the downtown and university areas which have a party atmosphere that would be eye to eye with Madrid, Rome, or Rio.  One of the must things to do in this amazingly diverse town is the midnight rodeos!  Held on the outskirts of the city, this is like a cross between a rave, a concert, and a horse rodeo. This will surely be one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

  1. Brighton, England

Brighton is not big in size but it’s huge on character!  This multi themed English beach town hosts a huge variety of really unique and quirky bars and pubs.  The vibe is very friendly and it’s a very refreshing change from the bigger and more intense cities in the north like London, Liverpool, or Manchester.  Brighton harbors a small town cozy feeling, it’s quite inviting and welcoming, perfect for those looking to get to meet new people, share a drink and a laugh.

  1. Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht is arguably one of the most picturesque Dutch cities, boasting some of the most beautiful canals in the country.  And that is something to say when it comes to the Netherlands.  The city is also home to a huge university and many other smaller colleges and specialty education institutions.  This means, there’s a ton of young vibe in the city.  In addition to this, it has some of the country’s largest expo venues, making these magnets for travelers, business and enthusiasts arriving in the city on a continuous basis.  There is always something awesome going on in Utrecht, and the friendly atmosphere makes one of the best places in northern Europe to meet singles.

  1. Los Angeles, California USA

If you have a TV, there’s little one can add to the most Hollywood documented city in history.  The bar scene is extensive and iconic.  You will find yourself amongst the largest catalog of actors and aspiring actors in the world, so yes, bumping into your most admired superstar can easily happen if you hit the right spots in LA.  When in the City of Angels, make sure to check out:

  • West Hollywood
  • Downtown LA
  • Hollywood
  • Koreatown
  • Venice
  • Long Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Hermosa Beach
  1. Benidorm, Spain

For a country that has so many cities and beach towns competing for the best party locations in the planet, Benidorm has carved its own niche as being one of the most hardcore party spots in the world.  Millions of northern Europeans flock to this effervescent fiesta town to make their wildest dreams come true.  Don’t expect the vast array of options you will encounter in Ibiza or Barcelona, but expect your time here to be intense.  Find your way to a party will be the least of your worries, be sure to bring all your energy because you will be up all night and sleeping all day in this crazy lively Spanish beach town.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

With a metropolitan population of over 20,000,000 people, Mexico City is truly a country in itself.  Not only is it the capital of Mexico, but it’s also the largest Spanish speaking city in the world, attracting a huge numbers of Latin American and Spaniard expats giving Mexico City a very unique international vibe, which in other countries is usually made up of Europeans and Americans.  “Chilangos” (that’s what you call people from Mexico City) like to work hard and play hard, and this city’s nightlife will overwhelm even the most demanding crowd.  Of course Mexico City has huge nightclubs, dance venues, and some of the best restaurants in the world…but it’s its bar scene which will provide you with the most memorable occasions.  

This city has a profound love affair with everything that is deep, intense, and passionate.  If arts, literature, or music is a big topic for you, you will find a huge number of artsy and literary bars where people get together and discuss anything from Garcia Marquez’ “100 Años de Soledad” to how to make an NFT from a song they wrote last night.  If you think you would fare better rubbing shoulders with the high flyers, the posh sections of the city would meet any world standards.  From the classiness of their venues, to the level of sophistication of their patrons, you will have no shortage of topics to share with this crowd.  If you are into the more grungy and alternative, Mexico City’s underground scene (with a very wild affection to slam dancing) will impress even the Berlin delegation.  But of course, if you want to cut to the chase, the city has hundreds of singles bars, dance clubs, and nightclubs where you’ll very likely have one of the best times of your life. 

43. New Orleans, Louisiana USA

The French Quarter of New Orleans Louisiana is one of the wildest places you will ever get to see!  It’s fun, it’s loud, and it’s bustling with energy!  As you walk down Bourbon Street, you can see it on the faces of everyone you meet, they are all here to have the time of their lives.  Every bar is a bash in itself, every venue is packed with party goers, everywhere you look there is something going on.  The vibe is great to meet people, share a Hurricane or seven, dance, exchange some beads, and to follow wherever these crazy New Orleans nights will take you to.  The peak of the season is Mardi Gras which falls most years in either February or March, but you can expect big crowds every single weekend of the year.  

44. Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife’s gift to the world is that it has a year round perfect temperature.  Ranging from approximately 26°C to 17°C means Tenerife is a non stop tourist destination.  Millions of British, German, Dutch, and Scandinavians flock every year to basque in this glorious paradise that never closes its doors.  You might have trouble finding someone that actually speaks Spanish during the high season as the visitor numbers often overwhelm the locals, especially when it comes to the night life.  Best places to meet people in Tenerife are certainly the nightclubs and dance venues.  Given the huge variety of music this island caters to, you will most likely find your crowd here.

There are very huge contrasts depending on where you stay in Tenerife so make sure you check out the specifics of each beach area. Some have a more local feel to them and others are completely tourist areas with no shred of Spanishness to be seen.  

Some of the best beaches in Tenerife include:

  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa Torviscas
  • Puerto Colon
  • Playa del Duque

45. Faro, Portugal

As capital of the Algarve, Faro has certainly led the way in putting this beautiful region on the map. You will find a wonderful mix of locals, expats, and tourists. Faro has an ever increasing population of more permanent residents from Northern Europe which in turn has increased the amount of visitors the city gets. Especially during the off season.  The crowds in Faro are not as hardcore as you would see in many some of the Spanish beaches, the vibe here is a bit more relaxed.  Even though there are some good dance clubs, you will have a bit less options than you would across the border.  Faro caters more to the conversationalists and those who are passionate about Fado.  Fado is Portugal’s own and most beloved music genre.  You know you are listening to Fado, when you feel a tear dropping from your eye.  Find your way to one of the many live Fado venues in the city, sit down, and take it all in.  After the show, people will gather back, share their thoughts, pour more beer and vinho verde, and indulge in wonderful conversations inspired by the music they just heard. If this sounds like something you’d fancy, Faro is waiting for you. 

46. Miami, Florida

Miami boasts some of the best nightlife in the country, plus it’s next to the beach, how can you beat that?  There are so many things that you can only do in Miami, like alligator wrestling, jetting down the everglades, and going down the most beautiful never ending road to the Florida Keys…but if you want to meet new people, perhaps one of Miami’s many singles cruises would be the unforgettable experience you are looking for.  Singles cruises are perhaps some of the best places to meet new people, the whole set up is geared so you can mingle with others via activities, dinners, dances, and parties.  It’s great fun!   The only note of caution, make sure you book a proper “Singles Cruise” aimed at catering for single and solo travelers.  You don’t want to end up as the single person in a family cruise.

If land is more your thing, Miami’s nightlife is an epic experience you will not soon forget.  Miami’s extremely varied and diverse Latin influences have made the ideal incubator for a top notch music and dance scene.  Next to the usual bars and techno clubs, Miami has an almost limitless amount of salsa, merengue, bachata, and all sorts of dance clubs!  If dancing and music is your thing, you will surely find your groove in this awesome city.

47. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The most modern city in the Netherlands has experienced a revival the last couple of years.  It has undergone a huge rebuilding and gentrification process on huge areas of the city that were almost non-existent in the past.  They have now become thriving hives of entertainment, great food, and fantastic bars.  Next to these new developments, Rotterdam has had a long history of housing some of the most epic parties in the country.  As most Dutch cities, the DJ offering is top notch, techno and trance lovers will feel in paradise, and the great choice of bars and pubs complete the set up for a brilliant night scene.  The best places to find the crowds and meet new people will be in:

  • Witte de Withstraat
  • Chinatown area 
  • Blaak
  • Kop van Zuid

48. Alanya, Turkey

Alanya is one of Turkey’s premium tourist hotspots.  It’s located on the gorgeous clear water bay overlooking the Levantine Sea.  This is a big hotel and huge resort area, so when the tourists come, they come by the thousands in one go!  Much loved by the British, German, and Dutch tourists, you will see many expat bars which are excellent spots for meeting travelers from all over Europe.  It’s not uncommon that these bars can get a bit rowdy as expats tend to misbehave a bit more when they feel at home away from home, but it’s also this vibe that makes it easier to strike up casual conversations.  Most of the night life will be dominated by tourists, so if you want to meet the locals, you will have to head more towards the center of town and check out the more authentic parts of the city.  Locals are quite friendly so you won’t have much trouble starting a talk with the locals in this beautiful beach town.

49. Antwerp, Belgium

If you want to meet people in Antwerp, you want to find your way to the Grote Markt, which is the city’s main square.  It’s a lovely square with a beautifully preserved medieval feel to it.  Inside this glorious square you will find where the party is at in Antwerp.  Scores of awesome bars, pubs, and restaurants cover the square.  As you walk up and down the square you might hear some chants or see some people dressed in a very particular fashion walking around in groups.  Antwerp somehow has become one of the premier destinations for stag, hen, bachelor, and bachelorette parties!  Wherever they go, they bring the party with them.  Any bar hosting one of these parties usually is going to draw a crowd that wants to mingle, chat, and dance.  Make sure you keep your eyes open, and you’ll see where the fun is at.  

50. Gold Coast, Australia

Australia’s premier beach resort destination is certainly the place to be if you want to experience the luxury of the Aussie coast.  Tall buildings, huge pools, and mega sun decks cater to the many pleasure seekers that arrive on the Gold Coast every year.  A favorite spot for Asian tourists, adds a cosmopolitan vibe to the city.  This is also one of the favorite spots for Australian youngsters and students so you can expect some very decent techno and dance clubs.  This is not Ibiza, so the choice will be limited, but you will not have a problem finding a handful of great clubs where you can party all night long.   You will need to make sure you arrive at the right time of the year as there are big differences in visitor numbers during the low season.    

51. Madrid, Spain

The nightlife in Madrid is without equal in so many aspects.  In difference to some of its northern neighbors, the nightlife in Madrid is seven days a week.  The bars, terrazas, and restaurants are full every single day.   It just doesn’t stop.  There is something going on all the time.  Another big point, the weather is lovely for most of the year.  And a third…the food.  Not only is the food out of this world, but it’s a very social endeavor.  As in many Spanish cities, the tapa culture lends itself to talk to the people next to you, buy them a round, fix the world.  It’s easy to have conversations with strangers during the day.  

For sure the best places to meet people during the week would be in bars and terrazas (open air terrace bars).  Madrileños don’t think twice about sitting at a bar or restaurant by themselves, so you will have plenty of people to say “Hola” to.  Once the sun goes down, the city’s night face comes out and everything lights up and so does the volume.  Rows and rows of packed bars and terrazas, singles and groups all bunched together, providing ideal conditions to mingle.

Be sure to check out:

  • Huertas
  • Chueca
  • Malasañas
  • La Latina / Plaza Mayor
  • Castellana
  • Gran Via
  • Moncloa 
  • Barrio Salamanca
  • Moncloa
  • Lavapies

52. Riga, Latvia

Riga is often referred to as the Paris of the Baltics, and it’s for a reason.  It is a majestically romantic city!  Its gorgeous parks, cobblestone streets, and ritzy vibe give it a strongly palpable Parisian feel.  A favorite not only to Francophiles, Riga has been attracting a huge backpacker and young traveler crowd the last couple of years. The whole area around the city center will be your best bet to meet up with fellow travelers and expats.  Riga has not yet developed the music and dance scene at the same level as their “older” European neighbors, and even though you will find some great gigs during the weekend, bars and pubs would be the way to go if you want to meet people.  

You might also want to give this a try…  There are free organized city walking tours twice a day.  Aside from these tours being really really cool and crazy informative, you will be walking for a few hours with a whole bunch of people who are probably looking for the same thing you: meet new people too.  Once the tour is over, you can continue with the group or carry on with the one you had a click with.  Nice service from the city huh!

53. Cancun, Mexico

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Americas.  Cancun’s white sand beaches are spectacular.  Not only is it beautiful to see, but it is pure joy just to walk on it.  The water is crystal clear, and sunsets are a spectacle.  And as magical icing on the cake, you have the majestic Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá and Tulum.  No wonder millions come here to wonder at everything Cancun has to offer.

The night scene is Cancun is quite elegant and high end, as you expect of a place like this.  Make sure you bring your nicest outfits, as this is not the place where the backpacker look gets you far.  Cancun is also not the place where you will find long stay tourism, most of the visitors are either for a long weekend or a week long vacation.  This usually means, they want to make the nights count.  Expect some of the wildest parties you have ever been a part of.  Have you heard of the famous Cancun foam parties?  Well they are legit, and if you are here you want to give this a try!  They are a lot of fun, the wild get wilder, and somehow the foam can make you feel…as in your own bubble 🙂  Anyone that wants to party will get what they are looking for and more on this wonderful strip of Caribbean beach.

54. London, England

You will eventually come to learn that London during the day, and London at night, are two different countries.  Making casual conversation during the day that extends past a few syllables is uncommon.  Do you see anyone talking in the metro?  Shhh…it’s like a library.  But all of that fades away at night, Londoners head to pubs and get their mojo on!  And when London lights up, you can truly see its magnificence.  It is a spectacular city, with iconic scenery and buildings, it provides a wonderful set up for what night has to offer.  

Start off with a pint at the first pub you find, just about every pub in central London has a great vibe to it, and it’s full of chatterboxes.  London being the most cosmopolitan city in the world, don’t be surprised -wherever you are from- to hear your language spoken fluently, or even find someone from your hometown.  London has people from every corner of this Earth, making it almost impossible that you can’t find someone to connect with.  It’s just a matter of trying.  But in practice, you won’t need to try too hard…the vibe in the city is excellent, the venues are grand, and in a city so huge, you will not have a problem making new friends.  Some of the best spots in London to meet people are:

  • Camden
  • Mayfair
  • Brixton
  • Southbank
  • Soho
  • East London
  • South Kensington
  • Chelsea

55. San Sebastian, Spain

This gorgeous Basque coastal town is one of Spain’s best kept secrets.  Even though the tourists come here by the thousands, the city has been able to keep a very easy but dynamic vibe that suits this city perfectly.  San Sebastian’s nightlife is not as rambunctious as they are in the big coastal town in the south of the country, it is more akin to the Algarve than to Catalunya.  The city is host to many arts and cultural events including the world renowned San Sebastian International Film Festival, usually held in September.  If you are into the arts and films scene, you will no doubt have fantastic time here with the many local devotees.  During the summer months, you can certainly feel the vibe going a notch up as the northern Europeans arrive by the thousands, and San Sebastian puts on its party hat.   

56. Valencia, Spain

Spain’s third largest city is for some the beloved.  As big and wide spread as Valencia is, it lacks the hecticness that is seemingly ever present in Madrid and Barcelona.  You are in a big city, but with the vibe of a friendly neighborhood.  Together with its beautiful and newly renovated city center, Valncia’s beaches make this one of the most wonderful cities in Spain. This is the place tourists come for no reason at all, simply because they want to be here and experience this placid slice of life for a few days.  Next to that you have a fast growing hub of international students arriving in the city, injecting new energy into the night scene.  The crowd composition is predominantly local Valencianos, with a layer of expats and foreigners that vary throughout the year.  The atmosphere throughout the city is very friendly and very engaging so you will find it easy to get to know people quickly.  Make sure you have a pitcher of Agua de Valencia, it’s the perfect beverage for a warm afternoon and a wonderful excuse to share and have a chat.  Some of the best places in Valencia to meet people are:

  • Canovas
  • La Marina
  • Ruzafa
  • Juan Llorens
  • Plaza de Honduras
  • El Carmen

57. Manchester, England

Rivaled in the United Kingdom only by London, Manchester is the guardian of the north when it comes to maintaining the status of the british nightlife.  Manchester has invested millions refurbishing and revamping the whole downtown area, and you will not be disappointed at the results.  Manchester’s reputation as one of Europe’s most important music scenes, you might have heard of Oasis, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Herman’s Hermits, Take That, Simply Red, Chemical Brothers, or the Buzzcocks.  And this scene lives on.  Expect some of the best live music in the UK by far, you will be impressed, and it is the best possible warm up act before heading down south to London.

58. Dublin, Ireland

Is there anything better in this life than a perfectly poured pint of Guinness?  Perhaps in time, science will come up with something better, but for now, this pleasure can best be enjoyed in one the hundreds of Irish Pubs dotting the streets of Dublin.  Pint in hand and that is all you need to strike up a conversation with your fellow stout drinkers.  Dubliners are a chatty bunch, with a wicked sense of humor, it’s hard not to fall in love with anything they say.  You won’t have any difficulties at all meeting wonderful people across the vast network of amazing pubs the city has to offer.  If you don’t know where to start, head down to Temple Bar, you can’t go wrong here.

59. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn has emerged as one of the premier tech start up destinations in Europe, and if you are one of them, this is the place to be.  The effervescent dream of building the next great app and conquering the world has brought thousands of young bright eyed tech fortune seekers to this vibrant Baltic community.  You will find many coworking spaces dotting the city where you can find tons of newcomers eager to talk and share their dreams of grandeur.  Tallinn hosts a ton of conferences and events on a monthly basis year round so you can expect movement with the start-up crowd whenever you decide to visit.  After work, play lights turn on all over the old city center where you can find all sorts of bars tucked into the marvelous architecture this part of town has to offer.  Techies work hard, but play just as hard, so expect the party to go on late into the night!

60. San Andres, Colombia

This paradise island is one of the premier party hubs in the Caribbean.  For years, this was one of the best kept secrets receiving mostly Latin American visitors.  But once word got out, European, American, and Canadian tourists found their way to this wonderful gem.  One of the things that sets San Andres apart from most of its neighboring party islands is that it is also an island with a life of its own, giving it a genuine touch that is often missed in the rest of the Caribbean.  A stroll into the center of town will give you a wonderful taste of what Colombian life looks like.  An absolute must while in downtown San Andres is to find a local “arepera”, and sit down to devour some gorgeous traditional arepas.  

As you would expect, San Andres has also a huge array of beautiful resorts and amazing hotels in front of clear blue water beaches.  Many of them are the all-inclusive type, which offer some of the best value in the Caribbean for an amazing blast of a time!  Most of the resorts will have their own clubs, bars, and discos so you can mingle with the other singles, which makes for a most convenient party night.  If you prefer of course, there is no shortage of crazy nightlife outside.  Inside or out, you will not have any problems finding out where the party is at in San Andres.

61. Ghent, Belgium

Belgium’s third largest city is a great destination for solo travelers who are looking for a dynamic atmosphere but within a certain range.  Offering a wide range of amenities in a smaller package than its neighbors Antwerp or Brussels.  Smaller can also mean better, as this gives way to all the goodies you would expect from Belgium but in a more relaxed ambiance.  Fantastic Belgian cuisine, beautiful Belgian beers, will spoil you for choice, with a city that can’t wait to indulge your senses.  After dark, the city comes to life, one of the country’s biggest student populations fills its cafes and bars charging the town with a great atmosphere.   Be sure to check Beestenmarkt and Vlasmarkt for a great start to your night.  If you happen to be here during the summer months, look out for the Gentse Feesten which is a 10 day epic non stop party marathon!

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