15 things men should NEVER say on a first date:

(In no particular order…just don’t say any of them!)

#1 “Ha! I knew you would look different from your profile photo!”

#2 “You remind me of my mother.“

#3 “That’s a very interesting outfit you are wearing.”

#4 “I am still best friends with my ex.”

#5 “Are you going to eat that?”

#6 “I have full custody of my 3 children.”

#7 “The view from my bedroom is much nicer.”

#8 “I never cheated on my partners with women that meant something to me.”

#9 “What a lovely dinner.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to let some brown bears out for a swim.”

#10 “Open relationships are where society is heading to.”

#11 “Most of my close friends are women.”

#12 “I guess deep down inside we all want someone like our mother.”

#13 “One sec, just need to buzz in with my parole officer.”

#14 “My grandfather was a very smart man, he remarried a woman 20 years younger.”

#15 “We could share an appetizer or an Uber to my place?”

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