From the gazillion reasons one would have to live a life on their own, this is one of the aspects I adore the most:

When you live alone, the only problems you have, are the ones you create yourself.

Just let that sink in for a second.

  • No quarrels with your in-laws.
  • You don’t have to deal with your partner’s “beloved” friends and their crap, idiosyncrasies, unsolicited advice about your relationship, plus all the sewage they pump into your partner’s head when you are not around…
  • You don’t have to deal with your partner’s work related drama, issues, problems.
  • No more discussions about pets or the lack thereof.
  • No more dealing with someone else’s sleeping habits, snoring, waking up late, or too early….you can just sleep how you want, when you want, every day….well, every night I mean 🙂
  • No discussions about food, diet, what to eat, what not to, salads, too much or too little meat…just eat whatever you want 🙂
  • Your debts are it, nothing more, nothing less…no inheritance of negative equity.
  • No more money fights, arguments over spending, budgets, overspending, or lack of contributions to the common wealth pot.
  • You won’t have to deal with your partner’s mood swings, changes of heart, indecision, lack of commitment to your plans or ideas

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point by now…

There is something very fair about the concept of: “Your life, your problems”. And yes of course, who doesn’t have problems, issues, hiccups themselves in this life, but once you solve them, you know you are done. There are no more surprises waiting around the corner, because there is no one to bring mess into your “Palace of Tranquility”.

To be fair, there is a flip side to this, and it should be said as well. You have no one to help you with your issues either. Living alone, is not for every one, but if you are the type that can keep a clean ship, and moreover, likes to keep a clean ship, chances are this will suit just fine.

There are no more surprises waiting around the corner, because there is no one to bring mess into your “Palace of Tranquility”

On the flip side of the flip side….having a partner doesn’t always mean that they will help you out when you get neck deep into something. Sometimes because they can’t, but other times (and this is the painful bit), it’s a pure meat and potatoes lack of empathy.

“My life, my problems….and nothing else…”, I just love the sound of that 🙂

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