The gorgeous riverbanks of the center of Skopje

If you only have time to see one thing in Skopje, this is certainly it. It is simply gorgeous! The word I would use to describe the riverfront of Skopje’s center is: Majestic. The many bridges that criss cross the Vardar river serve as an art gallery, the most famous one being the renowned “Stone Bridge”.

Honoring the achievements of North Macedonia’s most celebrated artists, painters, writers, poets, musicians, and composers, it’s an inspiring site to experience. As a backdrop, you have these colossal white marble buildings that tower above the aforementioned greats.

Beautiful riverfront restaurants and bars

One of the best spots to grab a drink or a meal is right in front of the riverbank, where you will find some of the nicest establishments in the city. I had a sit down at the Bella Vista and the Soul Kitchen. Both excellent choices, fantastic menu selection, great WiFi, very comfortable seating, and superb service.

If you fancy a drink, you can’t go wrong with St. Patrick’s Irish Pub. It’s not as “Irish” or “Pub”like, but the location is great, they have ample seating, and as one would expect, they pour a perfect pint of Guinness.

The second part of my visit to Skopje can be found here.

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