1. Piata Ovidiu, (Ovid’s Square)

What better place to start your trip to the Black Sea than in the square named after Constanta’s favorite poet Ovid.  The “Old Town” has undergone its share of facelift renovations the last couple of years, showing itself proud and welcoming to the hordes of visitors that flock here every summer.  At the center of the Old TOwn, lies the strategically well placed Piata Ovidiu.  The whole area around Piata Ovidiu houses most of the city’s top museums, as well as a fine array of bars and cafes making it a great launching pad for your visit to this marvelous Romanian coastal town.  

  1. Mamaia  

Mamaia is the premier beach resort destination in Romania.  This is where the glitz come to shine, the sunbathing gets hardcore, and the party atmosphere attempts to rival Ibiza!  True, this 8km strip of land offers some of the best entertainment Romania has to offer, and as you might suspect, it all revolves around its beautiful beaches.  As a rule of thumb, the beaches to the south are more crowded and perhaps less glamorous; as you move up north the crowds thin out and it gets more exclusive.   At night Mamaia blows up into a huge party!  Some have called it an 8 kilometer long discotheque!  If you are looking for the best party places in the world, be sure to check this out. 

  1. Constanta Beaches: Tataia Beach, Zoom Beach, Damar Beach, and Modern Beach

Let’s say it like it is, the beaches in Constanta are great, but they don’t match the Mamaia beaches up the northern strip.  Having said that, if you are staying in Constanta, you have to love the fact there are so many beaches nearby!  Some of the closest beaches to the center of Constanta would be Tataia and Zoom Beach.  A little bit further south, you can find the popular Damar and Modern beaches.

  1. Constanta Aquarium

This pleasant seaside aquarium that has been welcoming visitors since the 1950s, offers a wonderful inside view into the Black Sea’s (and surrounding areas) underwater life.  Focusing on fish native to the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, you will get a unique perspective of what this truly magical ecosystem has to offer.   

  1. The Constanta Casino

Heads up, you can’t gamble here!  In fact, you can’t even go in.  The Constanta Casino is still under renovation but don’t let that discourage you from taking the mandatory selfie in front of this beautiful Casino facade!  It’s really really pretty. 

  1. Eforie Sud and Costinești

If you are looking to find some beaches a bit further away from Constanta, but want to also avoid the ritzy prices, you might want to check out Eforie Sud and Costinești to the south of the city.  Just a short bus ride away, but it will make a big difference – especially during the crowded summer season.

  1. Ovidiu Island

Sailing off from the north side of Mamaia during the summer months, you can take a boat to Ovidiu Island.  This pleasant boat ride will take you across Siutghiol Firth, and deposit right on the ground that saw Publius Ovidius Naso write his most beloved poems. 

  1. Constanta Dolphinarium

You can interact and play with the most friendly dolphins in the Balkans at the Constanta Dolphinarium!  And the fun doesn’t stop there as this dolphinarium also is the home to many sea lions, seals, and exotic wild birds.  Fancy talking to a parrot?  This is your spot.  

  1. Constanta Planetarium

If you are an Astronomy lover or enthusiast, this is the place for you!  The Constanta Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory offers a wide range of exhibitions and displays detailing the inner workings of the cosmos we live in.  What makes this planetarium very special is the truly amazing 3D projections and incredible visual effects, which make this museum worth a good look.  

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