All of the positions listed on this page consist of IT and technology jobs that can be done remotely, from any location in the world that has a decent wi-fi connection. Yes, that means you could do these jobs from Fiji.

1. DBA (Database Administrator)

Traditional RDBMS SQL database administrators are in high demand, and have been for years.  The emergence of the cloud and cloud data based applications has splintered traditional database landscape into different variants, like BIg Query, Firebase, MongoDB, and Firestore.  Businesses are in need of storing, processing, and analyzing more data today than at any other point in history – the need for IT specialists in databases will only continue to grow.

2. Data Analyst

On the same page as DBA, this is one of the fastest growing professions in IT – and it is going fast.  Data Analysts will typically collect and analyze data in order to determine why something has happened (diagnostic analysis), identify patterns and trends, or produce projections and forecasts about the future.  

3. Cloud DevOps Engineer

Today’s world runs on the cloud and it needs thousands of engineers to run it.   Some of the major cloud providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud, SAP Cloud, and IBM Cloud.  

You will be expected to deploy compute engines, manage Kubernetes, set up logging, configure elastic sizing of resources, automate deployments, and perhaps even set up some basic security around the infrastructure assigned to you.  

4. Kubernetes (K8) Administrator

Today’s modern cloud infrastructure has moved to managing single stacked applications into clusters and containers of micro-services, which is exactly what Kubernetes is designed for.  For many organizations, this is no longer a job nested into a System Administrator’s to-dos or a dark DevOps corner, but a full time position in its own right.

5. Terraform Automation Engineer

Similar to Kubernetes admin, this DevOps position has become a discipline on its own, with many companies devoting large numbers of employees to dedicate their time to automating their deployment infrastructure in Terraform. With the ability to work in multi-cloud environments, Terraform engineers can play a vital role inside many IT organizations.

6. Remote CISO

Chief Information Security Officer is more often becoming a remote position, and if you have relevant IT Security experience, this could be a career path for you.  As CISO you will provide guidance to the IT Security and Security Operations departments of a given organization.  You will hold regular meetings with your teams, and report periodically to the board of directors.

For a full list of C-Level positions, check this out.

7. AI / ML Developer

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the hot topics at the top of the list, and taking into account the continuous new releases of next generation AI applications, it’s hard to think this trend will stop any time soon. As an AI / ML developer you will write the artificial intelligence software and applications that will be used in cutting edge technology projects around the world. The ML, or Machine Learning part of the title involves the use of software and applications that learn from past experiments how to provide an improved experience. ML uses statistics and operations research in order to train the software to “evolve” which each use cycle.

8. Front End Developer 

A front end developer’s toolkit is typically made of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  The more seasoned developer will have knowledge of PHP and Python.  You will be tasked with taking care of the look and feel of all customer facing websites.

9. Back End Developer 

Back end developers are usually at home in either Java, C/C++, C Sharp, SQL, Python, Javascript, and / or Node.js.  The main tasks in the back end will be related to either the processing and storing of data, or the business intelligence / logic of the site or application. 

10. Full Stack Developer

This job refers to those that have mastered both the front and back end arts of IT.  These are the people that can get a “job tomorrow” any day of the week, wherever they find themselves on this planet.

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