There are no hard set rules when it comes to defining the nuances between these groups, but there are indeed some clear -and some more subtle- differences.  

If we would see a single woman, a solo, and a loner sitting under a palm tree, I don’t think we could see any signs that would clearly distinguish one from the other -at first glance that is.

A few minutes go by, and now a friendly gentleman passes by and says “Hello!”  

Solos are usually less interested in the mechanics that come included with a relationship

Nothing stops any of them from striking up a conversation with the newly acquainted…should we call him Jeff? Jeff it is….but from our three ladies, the single woman would have the most interest in striking up a conversation with Jeff.  (We’re all assuming Jeff is simply awesome right?) She could be interested in a) the friendship aspect of it, as well as b) the romantic potential of this encounter, and let’s not forget c) which in this context, the single one would be the most likely to show her alfa-ness to the rest. You know, just making sure the competition is in check. As for solos, they can be as social, outspoken, hilarious, talkative, and present as anyone, but in this scenario, they would very likely not have that romantic driver, or any interest in spending energy sizing up against another.  Solos are usually less interested in the mechanics that come included with a relationship, and even though it does happen, this is not a main objective or a life priority for most solos. 

As for the loner, she left 3 minutes after the other 2 women sat down. 

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