If you are only going to see 2 places in all of Bulgaria, let it be these 2:

Varna is not the only large city on the Black Sea coast but it is the biggest beautiful city on the Black Sea coast. In difference to some of its equivalents to the north, this place has a proper soul, true character, and some of the best and cleanest beaches the Black Sea has to offer. Pristine clear waters, majestic white sand beaches, and in my humble opinion the most pleasant proper sized city on the Black Sea.

Varna Beach

Upon arrival, drop your bags and make your way to the beach, there’s no better way to start your Varna experience than with the white sands of the Black Sea between your toes. Yes, the sand is white in the Black Sea 😉 , check it out:

Assuming you arrived to the beach via the most typical route which is via the Sea Garden (more on this later), going to the right (south) will take you towards the port area, and going to the left (north) will take you to kilometers and kilometers of white sand beaches with clusters of bars, cafes, and restaurants along the way.

If you can’t wait to dig into some gorgeous seaside dishes and an icy cold beer, make your way to Casa Felice Beach. I rarely like going into the first and most conveniently located restaurants as you usually pay the price either by getting ripped off, or by inferior quality food. This is one of the exceptions, the menu is fabulous, the service is great, and it couldn’t possibly have a better location:

If what you are looking for is more specific Black Sea cuisine, check out Pechkata with a mind boggling array of seafood platters:

Sea Garden, a.k.a. Primorski Park

Once you’ve had your belly tended to, make a u-turn and head back to the Sea Garden. This is without question, the best kept and most beautiful seaside garden in all of the Black Sea. Boasting kilometers worth of gardens, flowerbeds, imposing statues and sculptures, this park will be one of the most beautiful walks you will take in this lifetime.

Keep in mind the locals refer to it as Primorski Park, but anyone in Varna will be able to point you in the right direction if you ask where the Sea Garden is located.

Inside this immense park, you can also find:

  • The National Astronomical Observatory
  • Varna Aquarium
  • Naval Museum
  • Morsko Casino
  • Varna Summer Theatre
  • Museum of Natural History

There are 2 more places that are a must during your solo trip to Varna…

Stoyan Bachvarov Theater

This exquisite work of architecture houses the best drama and theatre the city of Varna has to offer. You can find the season’s agenda posted right in front of the building itself, or you can head to their website: dramavarna.com

Unfortunately the only way to enjoy this marvelous building is when you attend one of its many plays, so make sure to check the line up in advance as tickets sell out quite quickly.

Varna Cathedral – Assumption of the Virgin

The municipality of the city of Varna has spared no expense in restoring this majestic cathedral to its full glory. It is truly a sight to behold. Its impressive golden domes will captivate you for hours as you snap photo after photo trying to find just the right angle. But if you think the outside is impressive, is the inside wall to wall, top to bottom works of art that will take your breath away.

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