1. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral 

Sofia’s most iconic Cathedral is truly a sight.  Built in the 1800s this cathedral is a true testament of neo-Byzantine architecture.  Its outside view is dominated by a collection of green domes leading up to the main cupule sustaining an impressive golden dome at its top.  Awe inspiring mosaics cover this church on the inside and orthodox chants on the background.  This is an active church so make sure you attend one of many daily services. 

  1. Serdika Metro and Serdica Archeological Complex 

Sofia’s most beautiful metro station will dazzle you with its many Roman archeological findings displayed right there inside the metro station.  If you want to deepen your interactions with these ancient Roman marvels, head up to ground level and explore the ancient Serdica Archeological Complex.  Rejoice upon the exquisite detail these marvelous structures have preserved through the years as you walk back in time to the original remains of this Roman city.

  1. Ladies’ Market

All great cities have a great market, and the Ladies’ Market in Sofia truly fits the requirement.  With a unique Middle Eastern feel this market sells every sort of fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, breads, and cheeses one can imagine.  Head to metro station Lavov to reach the market. 

  1. National Theater Ivan Vazov 

One of Bulgaria’s most elegant buildings, the Ivan Vazov National Theater is one of the must visit spots in Sofia.  One of the main theater stages for Bulgarian drama performances offering a flurry of great plays throughout the year.  Around the theater you can find a wide variety of cafes and bars.  Once the sun sets, this is one of the main nightlife spots in Sofia.  You can reach the theater via the Serdika metro stop.

5. Vitosha Boulevard

Sofia’s most posh street goes by the name of Vitosha Boulevard.  This is the place for glamour shopping aficionados and the most elegant bars and restaurants Bulgaria has to offer.  This is certainly one of the streets that you will want to visit day and night given the entertainment here is non stop. 

6. Sveta Sofia Church

The church that gave Sofia its name boasts a history that goes back thousands of years.  Some claim this structure goes back to the year 500, this church -which has also served as a mosque for a period of its history- is true testament of time.  The church also hosts an underground museum, an ancient necropolis, the tomb of the unknown soldier, Sofia’s eternal flame, and the tomb of Bulgaria’s most beloved poet Ivan Vazov.  

7. Borisova Gradina, Boris’ Garden

Located at the southeastern corner of Sofia, this is a must visit for all newcomers to the city.  This is the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a quiet picnic, or take a well deserved nap.  In addition to its beautiful green areas, this huge park is also host to 2 major sports venues, the CSKA Stadium and the Vasil Levski Stadium.  A stroll around the park will treat you to an innumerable amount of statues and monuments, including a 40+ meter obelisk, and the Mound of the Brotherhood.

8. Saint Paraskeva Church 

Often overlooked by visitors, the third largest church in Sofia is certainly one of its finest.  It doesn’t attempt to compete with the grandeur of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, but therein lies its charm.  Its iconic rounded structure somehow gives you a sense of closeness and approachability that some of the bigger churches lack.  

9. Sofia University 

For a change of the pure city flow, take bus #9 to Sofia University.  With its beautiful grounds, architecture, and many art sculptures and paintings, it’s easy to get lost in the wonders of Sofia’s main university complex.  From the many activities and things you can do here, you can also attend Bulgarian courses offered at very friendly prices if you would be inclined to learn more about the local culture.  And if you are in the market for great value accommodations, you might want to give it a look during the off season as many students are made available to visitors. 

10. National Palace of Culture 

This relatively “new” venue, opened its doors to the public in the 1980s to become one of Sofia’s cultural epicenters.  Hosting a myriad of concerts, exhibitions, folkloric performances, recitals, and conferences, there is always something going on to cater to the likes of any visitor.

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