A short walk up from Ohrid center, you will find the cutest little Old Town. Follow the signs pointing to the “Upper Gate”, you will eventually come across the cobblestone stairway that will lead you to the Old Town. You can also go by car, but that’s not cool ;)…and hey, it’s just a 15 minute walk at most.

Once you cross the gate, just let the signs at the main entrance guide you through this beautiful old town.

Church Mother of God Peribleptos

Samuel Fortress

The main attraction of Ohrid’s Old Town is the Samuel Fortress. It’s an impressive fortress sitting atop of the hill with a 360 degree view of Ohrid City and the lake. It is a beautiful structure both during the day and at night. Once night sets in, the fortress lights up with a array of beautiful colors, you can see it from every point in the city, so be sure to look up at night.

Samuel’s Fortress main gate

Ancient Theatre

Cute images I caught walking around Ohrid Old Town on a fine sunny morning…

The “Yugo”, a relic of a time that has passed…

And the breathtaking views….

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