1. Tsarevets Fortress

Standing at the heart of Bulgaria’s ancient capital, the Medieval fortress of Tsarevets is the top attraction of Veliko Tarnovo, and one of the main tourist destinations of the entire Balkan region.  Marvel at its amazing structures, walls, and stairs, as you take a step into the center of Bulgarian history.  One of the main points of interest is the Patriarchal Cathedral St. Ascension which you can find atop of the hill.  As you arrive at the summit, you will also have one of the most spectacular views of Veliko Tarnovo!   

  1. Mini Bulgaria Park

A must visit for anyone new to Bulgaria is the appropriately named: “Mini Bulgaria”.  As the name clearly suggests, it is a collection of Bulgaria’s top destinations at an approximate scale of 1:25.  If you want to take the whole country in one go, this is the place to be!

  1. Shamovodska Charshia Market

The main arts and crafts market in town, this area will bring you closer to the artisans making some of the country’s most wonderful Bulgarian art.  Perhaps one of the aspects that make this area of the city so charming is that many of the artisan shops also dub as their own private workshops.  You can see the artists in action and witness the actual origins of the pieces you buy.

  1. Trapezitsa Ruins

One of the many new attractions Veliko Tarnovo has opened in the last decade, this wonderful archeological destination now has a funicular service to drop you right on top of the Trapezitsa hill (one of the 3 main hills of the city).  The area offers some great views and some marvelous trails for the avid trekkers visiting the city.

  1. Gurko Street

To many locals and visitors alike, this is Veliko Tarnovo’s most beautiful street.  This fairytale cobblestone road dances alongside the Yantra river serving the most picturesque landscape the city has to offer.  Enjoy the gorgeous walks and views before you stop for a drink and a bite in one of its many bars and cafes.

  1. Hadji Nikoli Inn Museum Art Gallery

Just behind the Shamovodska Charshia Market, you will find one of the most beautiful and diverse buildings in the city.  Hadji Nikoli Inn shows off its multifaceted approach in the form of an art gallery, a courtyard, a wine bar, and a gourmet restaurant.  This could be one of those places where you go in for a peek, and stay the whole day. 

  1. Asenevtsi Monument (Asen’s Monument)

A huge sword and four horsemen, Asen, Petar, Kaloyan and Ivan commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.  You can find locals gathering here to enjoy the sunset and drink giving this area a very happy and chill vibe.

  1. Sky Walk 

The story goes that a group of architecture students built this bridge in 2 weeks.  If their aim was to give us one of the most amazing scenic views in all of Veliko Tarnovo, mission accomplished!  Offering amazing views of the cliffs, river, hills and many monuments, this is a perfect stop to gaze at the beauty of this city.

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