A bicycle will always go wherever you want to go

Bicycles don’t get tired.  Bicycles are not moody.  Bicycles are always up for a ride!  You don’t even need to tell them where, you just jump on it and go 🙂  I know this sounds uber simplistic, but when you compare it to people, this simplicity is very appealing.  Not having to talk someone into going somewhere, not having to act as a cheerleader to rally someone’s enthusiasm, or engage in hours of convincing another means you can use up all this time and energy to do what you wanted to do in the first place.

A bicycle can go where no car has gone before

If you have an all-terrain bicycle (not a luxury these days, you can get them for a few hundred bucks) you can go pretty much anywhere.  OK, not in an elevator, but that aside…  You can downtown, village hopping, go on foot trails, into the forest, bike alongside the beach, up or down a mountain.  This is true freedom!  And a bike provides freedom in more ways than one…  In difference to a car, there is little to no maintenance, it hardly ever breaks down, its cost of ownership is basically zero, and it doesn’t require fuel to operate.  If this was not enough, a bike will not have you making rounds and rounds looking for a parking spot 😉

There is something very liberating about powering your own transport vehicle

Think of any motorized vehicle and you will always end up having big dependencies.  At the top of the list is that you have a limited range given you will always have to fuel up.  A bike only needs your two legs and the energy you can put into it.  Once you’ve been cycling for a few hours, you sort of lose the awareness that you are riding a bike, and you unconsciously start feeling as if it is an extension of you.  Nothing can stop you!  This moment feels so liberating!

For those of us that have chosen the solo life, a bicycle can be a true best friend.  If you don’t have one yet, you might want to give this two wheeled companion a try…it might just change your life!

BBFFs forever!!

(Bike Best Friend Forever) 

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